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Yoga Class Schedule & Workshops

Commit to your Healing and Blast through your tightness with this

Online Svaroopa® yoga 7 week, class series. Including a 3 hour workshop

“ Commit to your Bliss”

Monday February 5 - Wednesday March 20


Powerful practice at home - Practical and convenient, both online and recorded for you each week! Come join me in this 7 week class series on Zoom

In this 7 week class series “ commit to your Bliss” you will be supported online with a live zoom Ujjayi Breathing practice and guided awareness to kick start off the week. This will also be recorded for the week for you to use in your daily practice. 

Wednesday evening Svaroopa® yoga class will include online, powerful therapeutic poses both spinal release and active poses , starting with lower spinal release, upper spinal release and abs and back bends, these classes will also be recorded for anyone who cannot make the class that day. Each class will build on the next and end with a 3 hour workshop, tying all the poses together that we’ve learned and practiced over the 6 weeks. All will be recording for your convenience to support you in your practice each week. 


Monday’s at 3:00, February 5,12,19, 26 March 4,11

Live on Zoom and recording of Shavasana and breathing practice


Wednesday’s at 5:30,  February 7,14, 21,28, March 6,13

Svaroopa® yoga class on zoom, recording if you are unable to attend


Wednesday March 20 at 5:30-8:30  

3 hour workshop - Recorded if you cannot attend that evening


I think that I’ve found a space for in person classes, but in the mean time I thought this would be a great support to you! This could be in addition to your weekly private sessions to really blast you through your tight stuck spots, in your body and mind. Your are the light of consciousness and this practice helps to uncover those layers of tensions that block you from knowing. Swami always says “Do More Yoga”, and you will be amazed at how much you get from doing more of this powerful practice! 

There are so many distractions in life, let this at least be a good one! Really hope you can make it! Please just email me to register and I will send zoom links 

Svaroopa®Yoga Classes

Beginner Classes are open to all students, offering props and substitute poses to suit your body, as well as alignments and adjustments to maximize the effect of each pose for core spinal release.

Deeper/Intermediate classes are for those have been doing the practice for some time, doing a home practice and or yoga therapy sessions ideally, although all classes are open to all.

Release, lengthen and let go. Sink into deep relaxation with the support of props, guided awareness and pranayama (breathing practices), and experience the bliss of poses that sequence the spine. Learn how to use effective abs and other supporting muscles, as well as standing poses, backbends, seated twists and more. Feel stronger, with less pain and more ease in your body and mind. Settle into awareness, finding the "you" that is your deeper essence. This is bliss, Svaroopa - the bliss of your own being.  

Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy

Embodyment®yoga/private yoga therapy sessions one on one attention, for core spinal release.

With the uses of supported yoga poses and gentle hands-on techniques the therapist releases muscle and decompress joints, cultivating deep relaxation and release in the deeper core spinal muscles.This core spinal release aids in healing, calming the nervous system and eases tight restricted muscle that can create pain, weakness and instability in the body.

Increase your energy and flexibility, overall strength and wellbeing, and help find a sense of inner calm, bliss and inner awareness of the Self. This effective one on one session has proven to help people who suffer from migraines, chronic pain, scoliosis, sciatic pain, fibromyalgia and more.

In studio at Kula Yoga Shala:  

1 session $85.00

4 session series $300.00

Overlap healing sessions available which are a more concentrated series of sessions for greater healing and transformation.

Therapeutic Massage


With over 20 years experience as a licensed massage therapist in the Jupiter FL area, Susan is committed to providing health, healing and pain relief to her clients. Working intuitively, Susan combines therapeutic techniques, treating clients for their individual needs, including Swedish massage, Neuromuscular, table stretching and more, to ease pain and promote relaxation and healing.


InStudio at Kula Yoga Shala: 

1hour $90.00

90mins $130.00


Home visits within the Jupiter/Tequesta FL area: 

1hour $105

90mins $145.00

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